North county man’s truck vandalized over ‘Thin Blue Line’ support

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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO (KTVI) – Jim Tiroch found the graffiti on his cargo truck offensive, so he covered it up. But on Thursday he took down the cardboard cover to show Fox 2 News what it said.

“What you see there,” said Tiroch, who uses the truck in his courier service.

“‘Cops Must Die, BLM, Pig Lover,’” he said, reading the spray-painted message.

Tiroch said on Tuesday night, somebody spray-painted the message on the one and only van he uses in his company, Trujillo-Tiroch Expediting. Tiroch believes his family was targeted for two reasons: a “Thin Blue Line” sticker on the van, and a blue light on his family’s front porch.

“When the police were here to take a report, the officer explained the Thin Blue Line represents law enforcement separating the good from the evil,” said Tiroch.

And the blue light bulb? More of the same.

“It's a way we show support for local and national law enforcement,” he said.

Tiroch has received quite a bit of support on social media, even suggestions on how to remove the paint.

“Everything from pure gasoline, to alcohol, to nail polish remover to remove the paint,” he said.

Regarding the use of "pig lover," though Tiroch would have chosen a different phrase, he makes no apologies. He said he and his family are avid supporters of law enforcement.

“I say 'police lover,' not 'pig lover,' because I think calling the police 'pigs' is derogatory,” he said.