Off-duty police officer allegedly displays gun in road rage incident

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – An alleged road rage incident led to an off-duty police officer pulling his gun on a Dogtown resident earlier this week.

After the Cardinals game Wednesday, a group of men was headed to a bar in Dogtown when they got into an argument with a resident.

Jack Weaver said he was turning onto Art Hill Place at the same time as the occupants in a truck, who had just parked along the street, opened their car doors; Weaver nearly hit them.

According to Weaver, words started flying, and then the men ran towards him. Weaver went inside to get his conceal carry license and gun.

Surveillance video from a nearby restaurant shows an off duty Bel-Nor officer getting his own gun out of the truck.

Weaver announced he was licensed to carry and had the gun holstered at his waist. He said the officer showed him his badge and pointed his gun at him.

Weaver said he complied with the officer and called the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department.

"It upsets me terribly that a guy with that kind of authority can just randomly use it for intimidation," said Weaver.

The Bel-Nor Police Department said they cannot comment because they are still looking into the situation.