Local mail carrier honored for stopping attacker wielding cinder block

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Michael Murphy. (National Association of Letter Carriers)

WASHINGTON D.C. (KTVI) – A Hazelwood mail carrier is being hailed as a hero in our nation’s capital for his bravery in stopping an assault in October 2014.

The National Association of Letter Carriers honored Michael Murphy and seven other postal workers for helping people or saving lives while on the job. Murphy, a resident of Troy, Illinois, was named the 2016 Central Region Hero of the Year.

Murphy, an 18-year postal veteran, had finished delivering mail for the day and was walking out of a bread store when he heard a child’s cries for help.

Murphy saw a man grabbing at car doors, trying to enter the vehicles. This individual had the attacked the girl’s mother and was trying to snatch her purse. The man was now hitting the mother’s van to try and break into it.

An SUV pulled up while this was happening and the man stopped his attack on the van to focus on the SUV. Murphy said the man had a brick or cinder block in his hand and began swinging it at one of the windows on the SUV.

Three women were inside the SUV. One of the women fell out the passenger side of the SUV while trying to run away. The driver got out of the vehicle to help and the man with the cinder block attacked that person.

Murphy said the attacker was yelling profanity, swinging the block around, and attempting to carjack the women.

The attacker raised the cinder block to hit the woman on the ground, but Murphy, a 27-year member of the Marine Corps and a Navy reservist, rushed in to help.

“I then grabbed him by his arm and picked him up by his legs and slammed him to the ground,” Murphy said.

A passerby helped Murphy pin the attacked to the ground until police arrived. Afterwards, an officer told Murphy the attacker had a record as a violent offender.

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