Over 100 vehicles have window shot out in St. Louis city

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) - St. Louis Police confirm taking more than 100 reports of vehicles having their windows shot out by pellet, or BB gun bullets over the weekend.

Many of the shoot-outs happened along Shenandoah Street in south St. Louis.  Jeremy Ford's two cars both had windows targeted.

"We woke up to the police knocking on the door as individuals had walked down the street here and fired at various cars on the block and they broke out the windshield- or the side window" Ford said.

The shoot-outs happened overnight Friday and into Saturday's early morning hours.  Shards of glass still clutter Shenandoah Street, while temporary plastic and exposed windows show just how widespread the damage was.

"You take pride in your property and in the neighborhood you live in" said Ford.  "For people to be so destructive as to just walk down and destroy other people’s property, you’re initially really angry and want to find out who did it.

Police don't have any leads on who's responsible, but with so many victims, residents are hopeful whoever they are, can be caught soon.

"Clearly they’re on foot" said Ford.  "So many cars were hit that you can’t drive down a block and break out window after window after window, so clearly this is a game to them but sooner or later it will come to an end" he said.

Meanwhile, those who were fortunate not to have their windows shot-out, are hopeful this doesn't cast a bad light on their neighborhood.

"I really feel horrible for the people affected" said Fox Park resident, Javier Orozco.  "I think all of us care for one another in this neighborhood so it’s unfortunate so I wish that wouldn’t have happened" he said.

"I hope this type of incident doesn't affect the perceptions of Tower Grove East which I think has a lot of great people living here" Orozco said.