Cardinals fans hoping to make Wild Card round

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – Cardinals fans who arrived for an early start Thursday night were hoping this weekend their team does not make an early exit from the postseason. And they know it`s all about the Wild Card race.

“I think if the Cardinals can pull together their pitching a little bit and get some good hitting on offense, I think we'll have a good chance at catching the Giants and actually securing that second (Wild Card) spot,” said one fan.

Like voters anticipating Election Day, Cardinals fans seem to be waiting for some kind of October surprise. After all, wasn’t it back in 2006 when the team rallied at this time in the season?

“Yeah I remember back in '06," said another fan. "That's when in October they didn't even have a shot, but then they started going and going and going.”

Whatever happens, whether the 2016 season is one that will be memorialized in bronze, years from now, or whether it will be as forgettable for Cardinal Nation as the list of away game giveaways, fans know the regular season’s end is coming.

“We want to be here,” said one fan. “I think we're used to being there. We expect to be there. And I'm excited. I think we're going to be there. I have total confidence.”