Arts Pop: Poignant photos tell horrific story of Colombian civil war

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-  Over the last month, a ceasefire has come into effect in the country of Colombia between the government and the FARC rebel group, ending one of the world's longest armed conflicts. As decades of war come to an end, a new exhibition by a Colombian artist is on view at Saint Louis University’s Museum of Contemporary Religious Art.

“Sudarios,” which means shrouds in Spanish, is the poignant exhibition by Colombian artist-anthropologist Erika Diettes. It shows the faces of 20 women who witnessed the torture and deaths of those they loved in the course of Colombia’s long civil war. The black and white portraits were taken as they described the dramatic experiences of the murders of their loved ones.

For more on "Sudarios," read St. Louis Post-Dispatch Fine Arts critic Sarah Bryan Miller's full article in Sunday's A&E section.

Website:  Museum of Contemporary Religious Art