Cardinals fans say goodbye to a bittersweet season

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – Despite a big win at home Sunday against the Pittsburgh Pirates, the St. Louis Cardinals ended their regular season without advancing to postseason play.

"This was a fantastic game" said Cardinal Nation fan, Donna Denning.  "Yadi was so amazing but the Dodgers did not do their job" she said.

A big win at home, but the Cards remained one game behind the San Francisco Giants who beat the Los Angeles Dodgers Sunday afternoon, giving them the coveted shot at the National League wildcard.

"We fought all year long, we had to overcome a lot of obstacles, injuries, setbacks I think we did good overall" said fan Max Power.  "It came down to the last game of the season, we had a chance".

For the faithful Cardinal Nation, holding out hope until the last minute, Sunday's game was a bittersweet end, to a sour season.

"They struggled this year they did but again the last home game of the season was amazing and we are very happy with it" said Denning.

"You know what it’s for nothing at the end of the day but I’ll tell you what, Matt Holliday hit a home run second to last at bat gets a home run the next day, this Cardinal team battled to the end" said Fan Louie Vangel.  "You know what?  There are a lot of teams that don’t get to say that they were in it and we were in it, we’ve been spoiled for the last 15 years let’s just keep rolling" Vangel said.

"I love the Cardinals, even though we couldn’t go to the playoffs it’s alright because we love them , St. Louis all the way" said Treyvion Russel.

"Young pitching, you got Matt Carp coming back, Aledmys Diaz surprise all year we’re going to have a good year next year, I’m far from worried about next year believe me" said Vangel.

"We play good like we played this year but hopefully we get another ring" Russel said.