Students, alumni attend JFK homecoming to say farewell

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MANCHESTER, MO (KTVI) - John F. Kennedy Catholic High School in Manchester, Missouri celebrated its last homecoming event Friday. Back in September, the St. Louis Archdiocese announced it would be closing the school due to declining enrollment and the growing cost of education.

The school was established in 1968. It'll close once the 2016-2017 school year is complete.

There are currently only about 50 freshman students enrolled, while students say over 200 students are currently attending John F. Kennedy.

Fox 2 News talked with some alumni who shared fond memories of the school.

"Four years playing soccer here were the best four years of my life," said Konner Kloster, class of 2010. "We made it to state finals, finished third in state, and it was one of times in my life when I could really experience that brotherhood."

A.J. Meatte also went to the private school in 2010.

"This was a second home for me for those four years," Meatte said. "There's no better way to honor the school than being there for the homecoming."

One woman brought her daughter to the homecoming to walk the halls one last time and look at all the photos hanging on the walls of each graduating class. Kathleen Freeman's family attended JFK for generations and it'll always have a close place in her heart for another reason.

"I also met her dad here as well, so he went here too," she said.

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