Heroin Summit works to end current St. Louis overdose epidemic

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)- As heroin overdose rates continue to climb in St. Louis County, experts and activists are will attend the St. Louis Heroin Summit to discuss the best way to combat this epidemic. While law enforcement and addiction experts occasionally disagree on the root causes of this problem, it is unanimously agreed that the best tactic to decreasing overdose deaths is making medical treatment more accessible to the public.

Clayton Behavioral therapist Ned Presnall will be discussing this public health strategy at the Heroin Summit this Saturday, October 15th.

According to Presnall, there are currently two main treatments for heroin dependency. These treatment options are currently highly regulated and therefore can be difficult for the general public to access.

While American society often stigmatizes the medical treatment of addiction, experts argue that accessibility to treatment is the key to ending this drug-related epidemic.

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