Hillsboro schools go on lockdown after man tries to enter school

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HILLSBORO, MO (KTVI) - Schools in the Hillsboro School District went on a modified lockdown today when an unknown man tried to enter one of the buildings. That man is now in police custody.

Everything turned out OK. The school is actually celebrating their 50th year of football tonight. There were tense moments around campus on Friday when a man tried to get into the school. What no one knew at the time is that this man had recently been released from a nearby jail.

Hillsboro School District Superintendent Dr. Aaron Cornman says that around 10:30am Friday a man tried to enter the intermediate school, which is grades five and six.

"We have kind of a duel system where they are buzzed in through an air phone where we can see a picture of them. They come in through the first set of doors and have to immediately turn and go into the office. The individual tried to gain access to the next set of doors, which are always locked, and could not do so," said District Superintendent Dr. Aaron Cornman.

Cornman says that, at that point, that suspect took off running. Campus security chased him, but the suspect ran into the woods. The school then called police and went on modified lockdown. THe school sent out phone calls and emails and Cornman was tweeting as the incident was playing out. Police caught the suspect at around 2pm.

Parents say that they were very nervous. But, they felt like the school did a good job of keeping them updated and informed.

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