Mom and son reunited after man steals car with child inside

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qtsuspect2 ST. CHARLES, MO (KTVI) - St. Charles Police are investigating after they say a man stole a car from a QuickTrip in St. Charles with a child inside of the vehicle.

"We’ve had similar incidents in the last month and a half," said Lieutenant David Senter.  "People leaving their vehicles unlocked on a convenient store lot and somebody taking advantage of the situation."

The latest incident happened just before 6:30 p.m. Sunday at the QuickTrip on Highway 94 and Zumbehl Road in St. Charles.

qtsuspect1"A suspect walked up and can be observed on video looking through the passenger window, then went around and jumped in the driver side and took off," Senter said. "The vehicle was left curbside approximately a quarter-mile away, probably when they realized her infant son was in the back seat."

Police described the suspect as an African-American male in a grey hoodie, black pants, and blue shoes. The suspect's vehicle, driven by an accomplice, was described as a newer model red Chevrolet (possibly a Cruze), with tinted windows and no front license plate.

Police are continuing to look at surveillance video to try to identify him.  In the meantime, they're urging everyone to take caution in similar situations. Anyone with information on the suspect's identity or whereabouts is asked to contact the St. Charles Police Department at 636-949-3300.

qtsuspectandvictimvehicles"It’s all about staying vigilant and personal awareness and not taking anything for granted," Senter said.  "This is a very nice community, people realize that but you still have to take precaution."