Crestwood woman mistakes $690,000 jackpot win for $690

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CRESTWOOD, MO (KTVI) – Sandra Oppland was ecstatic when she thought she had won $690 in the September 22 Missouri Lottery’s Show Me Cash jackpot. Imagine her excitement when she realized that she had not won $690, but rather an astonishing $690,000 grand prize.

Oppland made the life-changing realization a few weeks later at the Crestwood Circle K on Watson Road where she had purchased her lottery ticket. After she scanned the ticket, the machine instructed Oppland to see a cashier. Both Oppland and the cashier had initially thought she won just under $700; however, after making a final check, the cashier told Oppland her ticket was actually worth $690,000.

As her money multiplied a thousand times over, so did her enthusiasm.

“I don’t really remember the drive,” Oppland said, describing her disbelief as she drove to her sister’s house merely one block away.

Oppland later visited her husband in the hospital to share the joyous news. Oppland’s husband couldn’t help but shed a few tears at the thought of the amazing opportunities the money could bring their family.

With her winnings in-hand and husband back home, Sandra Oppland said she’s making plans for how to spend their fortune.

“My husband told me, ‘You can pick out the car and I’ll pick out the vacation,'” she said.

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