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Fitz’s Bottling Company holds its own presidential ‘straw poll’

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – It’s a tip of the cap to the candidates; bottle cap, that is.

“I just had lunch here and now I’m buying some election bottles for our party we’re going to have on election night,” said customer Barry Spiegelglass, partaking in a unique presidential poll at Fitz’s Bottling Company. “We’re doing our own informal poll and hopefully it will be the right person. But we’ll have fun that night.”

According to Fitz’s, their Silly Straw Poll is really just for fun. There are no winners, except for your taste buds. But the bottling company is keeping tabs on who you might root for with their root beer.

Made with pure cane sugar, only the labels differentiate Trump and Clinton in the eight-count presidential packs. That’s right – these cold, frosty candidates are exactly the same for the Silly Straw Poll.

“So as of right now, we’ve sold 5,000 of these and they’re pretty much in every Schnucks or Dierbergs in town,” said Stuart McLaren, general manager at Fitz’s Bottling Company.

Every few days, Fitz’s updates the numbers on its website to let fans see how the foamy candidates are selling. In 2012, their unofficial root beer poll was a 51% to 49% win for Barack Obama over mitt Romney.

And while St. Louisans can’t root, root, root for their home team in this year’s World Series, they can make a stand next to their candidate in the brown bottle.