Village of Twin Oaks to vote on consolidation Nov. 8

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VILLAGE OF TWIN OAKS, MO (KTVI) - One of the smallest municipalities in St. Louis County, the Village of Twin Oaks, wants voters to turn it into a city.

Village trustees believe it would help preserve the community’s identity. The proposal will be on the November 8 ballot.

St. Louis County includes 90 municipalities. It is an expensive and inefficient kind of government, according to groups like the think tank “Better Together.” Trustees like Jeff Graves worry Twin Oaks might be pressured or ordered to disincorporate and consolidate with other larger municipalities if it remains a village.

“My strong feeling is I like local control. I don’t want to be another St. George that has to give that up and become a non-entity, in effect,” Graves said, referring to a South St. Louis County town that chose to disincorporate.

Twin Oaks is only a quarter of a square mile in size and has just under 400 residents, but it is enjoys a strong retail base that produces enough sales tax revenue residential property owners to not have to pay property tax.

At present, Twin Oaks pays St. Louis County for police service. The move from a village to a city would not change that arrangement, according to the current trustees.

Dave Leipholtz, director of community based studies for Better Together, argues the region is hurting its future because government is so inefficient.

When compared to the metro or regional governments in comparable Midwest cities, Leipholtz said, “We spend $750 million more each year than Indianapolis and Louisville metro governments.”