Wikileaks emails show Chicago mayor used personal domain

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CHICAGO (AP) – Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has used personal email accounts and a personal email domain to communicate with government officials and political figures.

The Chicago Tribune reports  that Emanuel’s personal account information turned up among emails stolen from Hillary Clintons presidential campaign chairman John Podesta and posted by Wikileaks.

Emanuel registered his personal email domain, “,” on May 16, 2011, the day he was sworn into office. Podesta’s hacked emails also turned up evidence of Emanuel’s personal Gmail account.

The newspaper says the messages are the first direct evidence that Emanuel has used personal email accounts beyond official city government accounts. He was sued by the newspaper last year in a case about state open record laws that’s still pending.

Emanuel spokesman Adam Collins says the mayor’s use of a customized email domain is common, adding the mayor has not had and does not use a private email server.
Information from: Chicago Tribune