Counselors on hand to help students and staff deal with the deaths of children killed by father

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WASHINGTON, MO (KTVI) - Teachers and school officials in Washington Missouri are trying to describe a weekend tragedy to their students today.

It all centers around the murders of four and five-year-old brothers killed by their father before he killed himself.

Five-year-old Ethan and four-year-old Owen Cadenbach were killed by their father Christopher Cadenbach this past Saturday after an outing with the boys and grandmother.

Police say Cadenbach took the boys from their grandmother’s home and drove to Cliff Cave Park, where he killed the boys.  Police were tipped off by an alert park ranger recognizing the description of the vehicle from an Amber Alert sent out earlier that day.

When police arrived on the scene, they confronted Cadenbach, shots were fired, but police he took his own life.

School officials in Washington meet over the weekend, email letter to parents and used social to explain the deaths of Ethan and Owen.  Counselor have been brought in to help students and staff deal the children’s deaths.

In the meantime, the superintendent has asked for everyone in the school district to support the Cadenbach family.

A GOFUNDME account has been set-up to help the family with burial cost.