U City Loop finds a way to inject fun into elections

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UNIVERSITY CITY, MO (KTVI) - T’was the eve of the election and suspense was abound.

Reminders to vote all over town.

“Whatever anyone’s political persuasion we just hope that they exercise their right to vote,” says Tom “Papa” Ray/Vintage Vinyl Owner.

In the Loop there were candidates bumping around.

Which seemed appropriate for those white house bound.

“I think it really is important for everyone to vote and be counted because this is one of those elections where everyone is like this,” says Joe Edwards, Blueberry Hill Owner.  “That’s why I thought of the bumper cars.”

Blueberry Hill hopes to make any outcome better with bumper cars and beer.

“I bought this game and had one painted up like Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton,” says Edwards.  “What if all our elections were held that way.”

Even at the Magic House the election is the word.

For those underage who wish to have their voice heard?

“Voter ID cards and they’ll get to color and fill out when they come up to our official electronic voting booth,” says Carrie Hutchcraft, Magic House Director Communications.

Touch screens will tally the votes from the young, and the result will be made even if only for fun.

“We are open 9:30 to 5:30 where we’ll capture all those votes and the polls close at 5:30 and we’ll announce the results from our kids on our Facebook page,” says Hutchcraft.