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West County firefighters rescue dog trapped in pipe

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TOWN AND COUNTRY, MO (KTVI) - Fourteen-year-old Max the Sheltie is deaf and doesn’t get around very well, but he pretty well cheated death on Thursday. After letting Max outside for a while, his human, Debbie Dysart, couldn’t find him.

“I looked for about a minute and all of the sudden it hit me to look in that pipe,” she said.

Dysart found him stuck in a pipe beneath her neighbor’s driveway.

“So initially he was a foot into the pipe,” said Dysart. “So I got down onto my stomach and was trying to pull him out, but he was crying."

Rescue crews with West County EMS & Fire worked for three hours, eventually deciding to take the pipe completely out of the ground.

Dysart also credits her neighbor for saving Max’s life. When Dysart called her to tell her what was going on, her neighbor said, “Break up the driveway, if you need to.”

“So we brought out our saws, running two saws; brought out sledge hammers, pry bars,” West County EMS & Fire Captain David Klump said.

Once firefighters got the pipe out of the ground, they had to determine the dog's location inside the pipe.

“And we measured what we thought was a safe distance behind the dog, used saws to cut the pipe,” Klump said.