With deer season underway, meat processing plant now taking your venison

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – They are up to their antlers with work at G&W Sausage Company.

All bets are off when it comes to the venison keeping this family-owned south city staple very busy. Traditionally, butchers and sausage makers will mix the many different deer meats from different hunters.

But G&W is bucking that trend.

“Time is money, so I see why,” said Scott Wood, supervisor at G&W Meat & Bavarian Sausage. “But the hunters, they see that and that’s not what they want. This is their passion; this is what they love. So that’s how we have to do it. That’s important with these hunters that they get their deer back. So that’s how we have to do it.”

Ten years ago, G&W would process about 350 deer every season. But since deciding to do each individual deer, they’re seeing five times as much business. So much so that they’ve stopped their regular business for two weeks and are just setting their sights on deer processing.

For every deer processed, G&W is donating $2 to St. Louis Children’s Hospital and also working with Share the Harvest for hunters who want to help those in need.

“Good weather helps with bad weather. It’s bad hunting cause the deer, they don’t move,” Wood said. “So 30, 40, 50 degrees, it’s better weather and hunting for everybody.”

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