Yoga for Neuro Health

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)- Yoga is often revered for its ability to develop a healthy body and mind, but Chief Zen Mistress Erica Gilbert is using her practice to bring these benefits to individuals living with multiple sclerosis.

In the wake of her own diganosis, Gilbert discovered yoga as a means to manage her physical pain and fatigue. As a result, she discovered the unique benefits yoga provides to individuals living with MS. Yoga teaches people how to focus on the feelings within their own body. This can prove extremely benefitial for those living with MS when combating pain, numbness, and fatigue.

Ultimately, Gilbert feels grateful for the positive effects yoga has played on her neurological health, and she is excited to pay it forward to others.

Erica Gilbert joins us in the FOX 2 Gym to demonstrate some of the technique she implements in her practice.

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Yoga for Neuro Health
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