Lambert Airport expected to be busier this Thanksgiving travel season

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - You should expect things to be busier this year at Lambert Airport. It all starts the weekend before Thanksgiving. This is a time when friends and family reunite and it's expected to be even busier than last year.

"We're expecting about an eight percent increase in holiday traffic over last season. So we're having more traffic than a usual weekend then there's eight percent more than we saw last holiday season." said Jeff Lea.

The busiest travel days this holiday season will be the day before and the Sunday after Thanksgiving. The TSA is advising travelers to arrive two hours before their scheduled flight.

Remember all the long TSA lines we reported on earlier this year? Some passengers where shocked how long they had to wait. Lea says the tsa has addressed staffing issues in st. Louis.

The TSA is recommending getting to the airport two hours before your flight. Passengers we talked with are hopeful there won't be any unexpected delays.

If you're meeting someone here, and plan ont doing the curbside pickup, the airport has two cell phone lots; one for each terminal. You can park there and wait until your passenger arrives.