South St. Louis businesses report thieves steal wheel off cars parked on their lots

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - Mike Davis is disgusted.

“No one is watching,” he said, Friday night. “I mean it's right there on Manchester. You can see people taking tires and wheels off a car. And no one says anything about it. No one does anything about it.”

As manager of Joe K`s Used Cars, he`s seen all three of their locations and other businesses along Manchester Avenue east and west of Hampton hit by wheel thieves over the past few weeks.

“We got cars sitting on bricks,” said Davis. “It's terrible. And no one sees nothing. We got three lots... one at Ecoff, one at Prather, and one down on Gregg, right down the street. And go down on the detail shop lot, there are four cars sitting there with no tires and wheels on them at all, nothing, sitting there on bricks.”

Davis was asked if the tires or wheels, or the vehicles they are stealing them from... have anything in common.

“No, there's Fords, Pontiacs, Acuras, Gran Prix... several different cars.”

Derrick Ford works at Joe K`s Detail Shop. And he explains what thieves are after.

“The guys they come out and look for them aluminum wheels,” said Ford. “But you got to have a lot of them to get some money. And what they do is ride around, find out who has those aluminum wheels on the lot, and once they got them, they get a few lots together and work on them at the same time.”

But Ford says the crooks better watch out.

“We got our cameras set up now,” said Ford, “and we've been trying to watch and catch people. But we'll be around late, late at night.”