The Thread: Heartwarming Thanksgiving surprises and turkey traditions

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - If you've had a bad week and need a good laugh and a good cry, look no further.

A heartwarming story of neighbors helping neighbors: The surprise for an O'Fallon, Missouri family that will leave you in tears! Plus, Tim Ezell has gone toe-to-toe with a bear and a bull in the past, but this time, he's gotten himself caged in with a turkey. Only problem is, it's NOT a turkey. And what it IS is not happy!

Fortunately, Tim is made with rubber bands because he also tackles the annual Turkey Day game tradition with the Webster Groves High School Statesmen. And, it's guaranteed to speed up your dinner prep time!

We brought out the big guns for Thanksgiving dinner! Not to mention the tractor race and the pie in the face mannequin challenge! Don't blink! It's all on this episode of The Thread! The Thread with Tim Ezell & Virginia Kerr Saturdays at 8:30am on Fox 2!

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