You Paid For It: City paid health insurance for elected officials upsets Wentzville residents

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WENTZVILLE, MO (KTVI)- Some Wentzville, MO residents are up in arms over a controversial decision by their aldermen to make elected officials eligible for health insurance at city expense.

Residents asked to meet with investigator Elliott Davis.  Sure enough residents opposing the health Insurance for elected officials were at the meeting. But, surprisingly, one of the alderwomen who voted for the city funded health insurance for elected officials showed up too

Alderwoman Linda Wright wanted to give Elliott her reasons for voting for the insurance.

Under the new plan, aldermen who opt in will get the health insurance in addition to their salary for the part time job. Wentzville Aldermen voted last year to hike their pay from $5,500 a year to $9,500. The Mayor's salary went from $13,000 to $19,500.

The residents who talked to us said they didn't think it was right for Aldermen whose job is part time to get city funded health insurance when other city part time workers don't get it.

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