South St. Louis sees increase in crime over the weekend

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – A man who tried to stop a robbery in south St. Louis had a gun pointed at his head. It happened in an area in south St. Louis that has seen a number of violent crimes in recent days.

The intersection of Hampton and Chippewa was very busy with police activity late Sunday night when a man grabbed four drones from the Walgreens store and left without paying.

As he was leaving the store, a witness followed him.  The thief headed to a red Ford pickup truck where an accomplice was waiting.  As the Good Samaritan got close to the truck the accomplice pointed a gun at him and said he was going to blow his head off.  The truck took off north on Hampton.  The witness was not hurt.

In the same neighborhood over the weekend, four men smashed out a window at an AT&T store on Chippewa and stole electronics devices.  It’s not known if the thefts are related.  These latest crimes come just a little over a week since a St. Louis police sergeant was shot and wounded at Hampton and Pernod just a few blocks away from the Walgreens.

The crimes in the usually safe and quiet area of south St. Louis are troubling for people who live, shop and work in the area.  Some are calling for increased police patrols in the area.