Dave Murray’s weather disco…The weekend…December 3-4, 2016

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Dave Murray’s weather disco…The weekend…December 3-4, 2016
The pace is ready to pick up with the split flow…the northern jet with the cold and the southern jet with the moisture really kick into gear…there is the urge to merge…but I still think its am problem over the next week…but that merge could happen the week after…chapped lip and static shock time…right now with a very dry air mass…and fighting with the dry air is a southern storm…but the dry air will deflect most of its moisture to the south…leaving behind a small piece for Saturday night and into Sunday morning…it is not much…but still thinking we see a mix of light rain, sleet and wet snow…limited and no accumulation. Quiet Sunday afternoon and Monday…then the next system comes at us from the southwest…no cold air link…its all rain Monday night…well above freezing…near 50 on Tuesday…then a rush of very cold air rolls our way on Wednesday and Thursday…there will be another surge of moisture with this…mainly rain…but on the backside with the wind and dropping temps we could see some sleet and snow….really just the effect of the cold air rushing in…no solid link…talking very cold on Wednesday 38 for the high with dropping temps and how about 20 degrees for the low Wednesday night into Thursday morning…that is a real message from Santa and a solid end of the growing season. The next week still looks interesting…but way out there right now.
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