Calorie counts influence just 8 percent of fast food eaters to eat healthy

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - It's a busy time of the year and you may be on a time crunch to prepare a nutritious meal, so stopping in the drive thru for a chicken sandwich may seem like the healthier choice.

Whitney Linsenmeyer, an instructor of Nutrition and Dietetics at St. Louis University, stopped in to FOX 2 to talk about a new study on this.

Even though posting calorie counts for restaurants will be a federal law next year, only 8% of fast food eaters made better choices based on the calorie counts for restaurants. These calorie counts don't make a significant difference in decision-making according to this study.

Calories don't seem to be driving a hungry consumer because consumers are more focused on the low costs, the convenience of fast food, and fast food simply taste good to people.