Dave Murray’s Latest weather disco…Tuesday…December 6, 2016

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Dave Murray’s Latest weather disco…Tuesday…December 6, 2016
Temps still okay on this Tuesday with a slow drop mid to late afternoon as the arctic cold front rolls in…gusty winds pop…the cold will be lagging the front by several hundred miles…really arriving late Tuesday night. Quiet and cold Tuesday night, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday…the coldest so far this season…but no records. The growing season will get it for everyone. There will be a small impulse of energy for late Wednesday afternoon and Wednesday night…this will produce some light, very light snow… the bulk of the air mass will be cold and just too dry…with that said… there could be a few spots of a dusting and with the sharp drop in temps…there could be a few slick spots on the roads…think a flash freeze…however…again this is not alot of moisture…cold and wind and wind chills will be the main features…there are no big storms on the horizon. We will warm up a little overnight weekend…with a shot of some light snow and rain…the weekend system is very iffy right now.