Judge under investigation for DWI, has case load transferred to other judges

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HILLSBORO, MO (KTVI) – A Jefferson County circuit judge, who is himself facing possible DWI and 2nd degree assault charges, won't be hearing any more cases for the county.

The investigation into an accident Tuesday night continues and no charges have been issued. The judge was arrested by a Missouri highway patrol trooper on suspicion of drunk driving after he struck a utility pole with his Cadillac Escalade and overturned trapping a passenger inside. The accident happened on Route BB south of Cedar Rock Road.

A special Missouri Courts Commission on Retirement, Removal and Discipline exists to handle complaints about judges. The current chairman Skip Walther said Monday, "our group works very hard to make sure that our judges faithfully observe the code of judicial conduct. And I'm happy to report that virtually all with whom we come in contact recognize that, embrace that ideal."

The presiding judge of the Jefferson County Circuit Court, Judge Darrell Missey, declined to speak to Fox 2 news. He issued a schedule as part of an order covering Division 3. Assigned cases that had been scheduled for the judge who is under investigation will be divided among 5 current Circuit Court judges. A new judge is scheduled to be sworn in January 1, 2017 after defeating the judge under investigation during the November election.