Conditions are right at Hidden Valley for an earlier opening this year

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WILDWOOD, MO (KTVI) - Deep snow covers a lot of land in West St. Louis County.  It’s a good sign for skiers and for Hidden Valley’s opening day today.

Skiers arrived early at the box office to get their passes, hoping to be among the first down the slopes.  Since Wednesday the resort has been making snow.  The blanket of white covering the ground is anywhere between 6 and 18 inches deep. The forecast means they’ll be producing even more next week.
Not only do they create a lot of snow, the business also creates a lot of jobs.  Some 250 people work at Hidden Valley, like rental supervisor Josiah Durham.  He said, “It’s really important.  The last two years have been really hard.  I depend on this job to fund the rest of my year.”
Fred Seymour, the general manager, said he is still hiring, “Anywhere from snowmakers to food service to cashiers, and it’s a great part time job-- something to do during the winter months, and they get a discount on skiing.”
Last year the resort opened late on January 10th because the weather was too rainy and too warm. This season everyone is hoping for better things.  Skiers have been waiting anxiously for opening day.  One woman said, “It’s what we do when it’s winter this is what we do.”  Skier A. J. Serna added, “Hopefully it will be a big season this year.”  Nine year old skier Nora Lee says, “I am very excited today.”
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