Operation Blue Christmas works to make holidays less stressful for police families in need

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OVERLAND, MO (KTVI)- 2016 has been a challenging year for police officers in the St. Louis area. Besides the stress and challenges of the job, some officers and their families are facing their own personal struggles.

Danielle Lydon is making it her mission to make the holidays one less stress for blue families, with Operation Blue Christmas.

“There are programs available for officers who are hurt or killed for their families, but there really isn't anything available if their spouse gets sick and isn't able to work, or their kids get sick,” Lydon said.

Operation Blue Christmas does.

Lydon is married to an Overland police officer and runs Operation Blue Christmas in the St. Louis area for the past four years. Each year, it seems, she sees the need grow.

“People ask for boots and winter coats and you know they don't ask for over the top stuff,” she said. “They truly need this help.”

Operation Blue Christmas is helping nine law enforcement families in the area, from an officer whose wife gave birth three-months pre-mature and lost her job to a police officer with a little girl who had brain surgery and is getting specialized care in the only place it’s offered, in Georgia.

It’s a program Overland Police Chief Mike Laws can get behind.

“Officers are just like everybody else,” said Chief Laws. “They have stressors in their life bad things happen difficult things happen and it's good for them to know that when they are going out to work every day that someone else is thinking about their family at home and taking care of them.”

You can adopt a family and help check off their Christmas lists. For more information you can send an email to Operation Blue Christmas at OperationBlueChristmasMO@gmail.com