Gov. Nixon weighs in on possible MLS franchise in St. Louis

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) - Missouri Governor Jay Nixon is getting ready to leave office, but isn't coasting in his final days.

The governor is doing everything he can to get the word out about why he feels having an MLS franchise in St. Louis is so important.

The governor's thoughts are not new, but he believes progress on the issue has been slowed because of what Governor-elect Eric Greitens said earlier this week. Greitens blasted any soccer team in town that has to have a stadium backed any taxpayer money, calling it “welfare for millionaires."

Nixon thinks the bringing the MLS to town will help revitalize the area just west of Union Station, where the stadium would be built. He also points to an economic stadium done in St. Louis suggesting that around $1.6 million would be coming back into the city annually from business generated by the team.

Several votes need to take place, including one by city aldermen and one by the public, probably in April, for this idea project to even be considered by the MLS.