Dave Murray’s Latest weather disco…Tuesday…December 27, 2016

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Dave Murray’s Latest weather disco…Tuesday…December 27, 2016
Getting set to close out 2016…with a cooler but quiet week ahead…lots of sunshine on Tuesday…with temps being cooler 45 for the high…cooler than the last 2 days…still a touch above average…especially at night. Wednesday we warm to 52 for the high…with a dry cold front passing by late day on Wednesday…then a typical chill for Thursday and Friday. Still not Arctic cold in sight…that is not a shock…There will be a little system in play for the Weekend…Saturday…still lots of questions…but looking like a light mix of rain and wet snow quickly going to all rain as we rise to 45 degrees. Right now New years day looks quiet…as does the weather for the big outside hockey game on Monday…temps in the 40’s. No big cold, no big warmth and no big storms in sight.
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