Truck crashes into Alton Subway restaurant; driver hospitalized

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ALTON, IL (KTVI) - The owner of a Subway sandwich shop in Alton, Illinois says it was too close for comfort.

One of his workers was trapped by wreckage from a pickup truck that smashed into the store on Washington Ave. Monday shortly after 12 p.m. That employee was taken to the hospital for some bumps and bruises but is expected to be okay.

Witnesses told the store owner the pickup driver appeared to be agitated during a phone call moments before driving into the building.

“I guess he got some bad news or something happened and he drove straight through the building into back here and trapped one of our employees between the prep table and the walk-in cooler,” said store owner Adam Gabriel.

Surveillance video shows the truck entering the store. Witnesses said the driver continued to press on the gas pedal, spinning the tires until smoke filled the building.

Gabriel said there were three employees working when the crash happened. The trapped worker was able to maneuver her way to safety.

“She was luckily able to wedge herself out, pull the other girl over, and they got out the back,” he said.

Witnesses said the man refused to comply with police orders when officers arrived. Police eventually used a stun gun to subdue the man. Police said the driver suffers from a medical condition and do not believe he was targeting anyone when he drove into the building. Police said the driver was taken to a hospital following the incident.

Gabriel said it was fortunate the store was not that busy. It was the day after Christmas. He said the damage to the store is extensive and could take a couple of weeks before he can reopen. He was in the process of opening a second store but will be without any income until repairs can be made.

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