Dave Murray’s Latest weather disco…Tuesday..January 10, 2017

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Dave Murray’s Latest weather disco…Tuesday..January 10, 2017
Not a lot of change in thinking…but that should not be a shock to anyone…this system at the end of the week needs to develop, take shape and play out…miles to go before we sleep.
Tuesday into Thursday it is all about a warm up…There will be rain(all rain) at times during this period…but limited amounts. Then the southwest flow opens up with a cut-off low pressure system digging in over the southwest down into Mexico… these are the storms that get my attention…especially with a large arctic high pressure sinking in from the north with cold and dry air…you guessed it…we are right on the line… Just don’t watch the low…also watch the high…forecasting the high is the key to what the storm system and its moisture will do…At this point it looks like a prolonged period of winter weather…rain, ice and snow Thursday night into Sunday…but the questions are off the charts at this early stage…if you hear someone tell you here is whats going to happen they are blowing smoke and trying to drive rating. We have all been together a long time…and we all know that to get the details on a southwest storm…we have to wait until it gets over the Rockies and into the southern plains…then the details of the forecast will come into view. We have to give this time…2 maybe 3 days and it is important to stay up to date…all week long. So we give it some time…but a weather event is on the table for late week and the up-coming weekend.