Businesses preparing for expected winter storm

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CREVE COEUR, MO (KTVI) – Big businesses are putting together a plan in preparation for the bad weather Friday.

Monsanto and Express Scripts both employ about 6,000 people in St. Louis and they have already been talking about what to do if the weather gets bad.

Monsanto already has their inclement weather team in place. Their job is to monitor weather activity, prepare the campuses and reach out to MoDOT, local law enforcement agencies and school districts about weather conditions.

Based on all of that information they make a decision on whether to close their campuses or not.

Unlike Monsanto, Express Scripts cannot fully close their facilities because they must get prescriptions out to customers.

Spokesperson Brian Henry said the St. Louis employees deliver over 100,000 medications a day to patients across the country. So even when the weather is bad they have to have some employees in their pharmacy and they have to have a plan for them.

"Everything from making sure we have hotel rooms, to making sure we have transportation, to making sure we feed people at odd hours, we make sure our employees are well taken care of especially when there are random weather events like what we have in St. Louis," said Henry.

Neither company has made any official decision about their weather plans for this Friday.