Families of victim, suspected killer promote alert bill

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hailey owensJEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) _ The parents of Hailey Owens, a 10-year old girl kidnapped and killed in Springfield in 2014, are joining with the parents of the man suspected of killing her to seek updates to the Amber Alert system.

Hailey’s parents, Bill and Stacey Barfield, and the suspect’s parents, Jim and Regina Wood, met with lawmakers Wednesday at the Missouri Capitol.

The Woods’ son, Craig, is awaiting trial in Hailey’s killing.

The families’ proposal would update law enforcement computers with the technology to report an Amber Alert. It would also require a state Amber Alert committee to meet annually to discuss updates to the system.

Jim Wood says if an Amber Alert had been issued faster, he might have been able to stop his son and prevent Hailey’s murder.