Is there an over-diagnosis of breast cancer?

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)- Is there an over-diagnosis of breast cancer? A new study claims a third of breast cancers are treated unnecessarily.

The Denmark study suggests that aggressive screening mammograms lead to unnecessary surgery when watching the tumor’s growth may be a better option.

Dr. Theresa Schwartz, breast surgeon for SLU Hospital, disagrees with the findings. She says the best way to treat breast cancer is early detection and an individualized approach. While Dr. Schwartz says there are some slow growing breast cancers, she also warns that there is no way to predict how aggressive breast cancer will be. If the breast cancer is more aggressive and treatment is delayed it could lead to major problems.

She advises women to start screening mammograms at age 40 and to continue mammograms every year a woman is healthy.

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