Snow removal company gearing up for busy weekend

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) - The largest locally owned snow and ice management company is gearing up for a busy weekend. BSR Services owner Carl Bolm said there is a good supply of salt and ice melting chemicals this year.

“We’ve already used quite a bit of salt for this early in the season and it looks like we’ll be using even more with the sleet and freezing rain,” said Bolm.

He said with rain expected to fall before the ice, it can be tricky figuring out when to put down the salt.  If it’s put down too soon, the rain will wash it away.

“But you do want to get a layer down in between the frozen precipitation and the bonding to the ground,” said Bolm.  “You want to get a layer between there so it doesn’t bond.”

They are bracing for a repeat of last month’s Friday night ice storm and hoping it never materializes in Imperial, Mo.

Don Leach is the owner of the Imperial Farmers Market.  He was splitting log after log and piling firewood for customers worried an ice storm could leave them without power.  He said he had plenty of wood, but was working nonstop to keep up with the demand.

“Even the people who normally don’t burn wood want a little bit just in case,” said Leach.

Commuters recall I-55 turning into a parking lot December 16th when a little bit of ice caused major problems.

“The ice was thin but you couldn’t even walk on it,” said Imperial resident Jim Petrovic.

He recalls cars being stranded not only on the side of the road, but even in his front yard.

“People were parking on my lawn because they couldn’t go up the hill,” said Petrovic.

Leach says even though the weather forecast is good for his business right now, he is hoping Imperial avoids any ice.

“I have 10 grandkids,” said Leach.  “They’d rather see the snow than the ice.”