St. Louis man to be featured in People Magazine’s ‘Half Their Size’ issue

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halftheirsizeST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – A St. Louis man will be featured in People Magazine after losing half of his body weight. Weight loss coach Charles D’Angelo says he and his client Tim Buchanan will be featured in the 2017 “Half Their Size” issue. The magazine hits newsstands this Friday.

Charles D’Angelo tells FOX 2 that Tim Buchanan, of Union MO, tipped the scales at 420lbs this past February. His doctor gave him the scare of his life when he said that he was a “ticking time bomb and death could come at any moment.” Already on a CPAP machine for sleep apnea, with diabetes robbing many of his family member’s of their health, he felt hopeless.

Buchanan was listening to the radio when something clicked. He heard one of D’Angelo’s clients explaining how Charles helped him lose a lot of weight. Inspired, Tim reached out to the weight loss coach to help him shed some pounds.

“Charles helped me understand I had to shift the way I saw myself mentally. I could still meet my emotional needs, but use (healthy habits) that were an investment in my future instead of unhealthy foods,” Buchanan said.

Tim Buchanan

Tim Buchanan

Charles recounts his first meeting with Tim saying, “When Tim considered the real impact his own passing would have on the lives of his wife and children, he turned something he long said he should do, into a must. Within the next eight months of coaching, he made healthy habits a daily ritual and is down now almost 200lbs as result.”

Tim tells Charles that he is in awe of how much his life has changed. “My wife confided in me after I had lost about 100lbs that there were many nights she tossed and turned thinking about how she would go on when I died young before I started my journey. Now she says she is joyful knowing we will be able to live out our entire life together. I only wish I would have made these changes sooner.”

The risk for recidivism in weight loss is very high. Charles D’Angelo says that some studies say that more than half of the people who drop massive amounts of weight gain it all back.

“I look to those who have kept it off as a model, myself included. I’m not so much interested in why people don’t as much as how those that do, do. Those of us that never go back have shifted our identity and mindset and are always setting new goals. That’s what I help people with. The price to outstanding health is the practice of small intelligent daily disciplines, and with a compelling vision of your future, you are unstoppable,” said D’Angelo.

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