St. Louis County DoT covering 3,200 lane miles in ice storm

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MARYLAND HEIGHTS, MO (KTVI) – We've seen ice on cars and curbs in the northern parts of St. Louis County, but not yet on the streets and highways. However, there have been reports of drivers running into icy patches in parts of south county.

Our Fox 2 / KPLR 11 news crews have seen conditions change in a hurry.

Cars that were ice-free when people showed up to work were ice-coated when they came out for lunch.
Windshield tarps, cardboard, and de-icer have been working great thus far. Parking lots are filled with wiper blades in ‘salute mode’ on vehicles to keep them from freezing to the glass.

On the roads, St. Louis County Department of Transportation trucks have approximately 3,200 lane miles to keep clear and 125 vehicles to do it, from neighborhood streets to thoroughfares like Dorsett and Reavis Barracks.

As of late Friday afternoon, roadways were still wet and not frozen. But a Belleville woman who works in Maryland Heights expressed concern about the drive home.

“Yeah, that happened at work. I’m concerned it’s going to be slippery. I keep looking at my weather reports,” said Antionita Wells. “It’s, like, it’s going to be freezing ice later on. So I’m concerned that’s going to be a battle. So I brought an overnight back just in case.”

David Wrone, a spokesman for the St. Louis County Department of Transportation, said just a few degrees can mean the difference between wet pavement and chaos on the roads.

“We anticipate the freezing mark to be hit later tonight again. So if you’re seeing moisture you’ve got to expect it’s going to turn into ice eventually,” he said. “We’re monitoring it very closely in all parts of the county. We’ll salt as necessary.”

Wrone said county transportation workers began treating roads in the county around 1 a.m. Friday. All of those 3,200 lane miles have been hit at least once.