Orlando police shooting: Markeith Loyd stays out of reach

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It’s been 34 days since Markeith Loyd allegedly shot and killed his pregnant ex-girlfriend in Orlando and one week since he killed police Lt. Debra Clayton as she tried to apprehend him.

The shootings prompted a massive manhunt for the 41-year-old, during which another officer — Norman Lewis – was killed in a motorcycle crash.

A day after Clayton was laid to rest, authorities are still hunting for Loyd. Here’s what we know about the search.

How long have police been looking for him?

Expectant mother Sade Dixon was fatally shot on December 13, 2016. Loyd was named as the suspect in her killing the following day.

On December 29, Crimeline offered a $5,000 for information on his whereabouts. Orange County Sheriff’s Office said Loyd was “considered armed and dangerous.”

That description has since been updated to “extremely dangerous.”

Where was he last seen?

Loyd was seen Monday, January 9 fleeing from Orlando’s Princeton Street Walmart where he allegedly shot police Clayton.

An Orange County Sheriff’s Office Deputy then saw him pull into a nearby apartment complex, where he fired at the deputy before carjacking another vehicle and fleeing.

That vehicle was later found abandoned, police say.

What sort of resources does he have?

Loyd allegedly has had access to a firearm and ammunition, but he has also might have had human help.

Three people have so far been accused of helping Loyd evade capture.

Last Wednesday, police arrested Lakensha Smith Loyd, one of Loyd’s nieces. Orange County deputies said in an arrest affidavit that she was contacting people on behalf of her uncle after Dixon was killed and indicated she was in contact with him after the shooting.

They also believe she went to a restaurant where her uncle worked to pick up $200 as he tried to avoid arrest for Dixon’s killing.

A day earlier, police arrested Zarghee Mayan, who deputies said never contacted authorities after he met Markeith Loyd, who told him he had killed Dixon.

The third person arrested, Jameis Slaughter, is also accused of being an accessory after the fact. Authorities said she also collected money to give to Loyd, her former boyfriend, and lied to police about her communication with the suspect.

Slaughter said Loyd told her cops would have to kill him because he wasn’t going back to prison, according to an affidavit from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Authorities said the car of Jamesia Slaughter, Jameis’s twin sister, was seen being driven near the Walmart 90 minutes after Clayton was killed.

Where are police searching?

It is unclear where Loyd is now.

Orlando Police said Sunday night that their search for him was continuing after a heavy police presence was reported in the Rosemont neighborhood.

Forty miles south, Haines City Police say that while not actively hunting for Loyd, they’re on alert for the fugitive as he has family in the area.

But the net has been spread even wider.

Police last week said a “be on the lookout” alert had been sent nationwide, which is standard procedure with Florida murder suspects.

As of last Thursday, more than 100 locations had been searched and the Orlando Police Department had received more than 800 tips about the case, they said.

Who’s involved in the search?

The Orlando Police Department, Orange County Sheriff’s Office, Florida Department of Law Enforcement and FBI are all hunting for Loyd.

And the public is also on the look out. A $100,000 reward is now being offered for information leading to Loyd’s arrest.

By Susannah Cullinane

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