Shots fired at Silex City Hall, police department

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SILEX, MO (KTVI) – The chief of police in Silex, Missouri was stunned after someone shot up the police department and city hall, as well as a police car. The case has become the talk of town.

Silex police plan to seek charges Tuesday at the Lincoln County Courthouse on Tuesday.

“It makes me mad. These guys are out there for us; they protect us,” said Donnie Ryans, a Silex resident.

Police said someone fired shots from an abandoned building. The shots hit the city hall building, which also houses the police station, and several bullets went into a patrol car. No one was injured, but people know it could have been worse.

“I’m really shocked at this,” Silex Police Chief William Barnes said.

Shocked, Barnes said, because the community is a place where police and citizens get along, where people help each other, especially in times of trouble like the recent flood.

“Our cops have been great cops in the last couple of years,” said Silex Alderman Justin Spanier.

Trever Quigley, who has lived in Silex all his life, said he doesn’t understand how anybody could bring themselves to shoot at city hall and the police station.

Although police did not release many details, one city official said the person responsible had a grudge against officers.

“People retaliate, sometimes, and they don’t understand the consequences,” Chief Barnes said.

Citizens want the gunman held accountable.

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