Soggy weather wreaking havoc on St. Louis-area businesses

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – Business-wise, our weather may truly be good for nothing.

Most may feel like they've dodged a bullet since the area got mostly rain instead of ice. And the ice we did get melted quickly. That ice-then-rain combination has been the worst of both worlds.

It’s as if you can hear business trickling away at Hidden Valley Ski Resort. The only thing riding the slopes Monday was the fog after what could have been the busiest weekend of the winter.

Downtown St. Louis took a hit when the more than 5,000 expected for the first day of the Cardinals Winter Warm-Up instead stayed home Saturday when it was cancelled.

The long weekend of double shifts and hotel stays for snow plow contractors faded with the first coat of salt Friday afternoon.

“It doesn’t really seem like the storm is doing what was expected,” one snow plow driver quipped Friday afternoon.

“Where’s all the ice?” said another, Friday night.

Hidden Valley lost its entire weekend; too rainy for skiing, too warm to make new snow.

This holiday weekend was the last for most college students before they went back to school. Instead of the 2,000 or more daily visitors expected, Hidden Valley got none.

“The biggest thing we tried to avoid this weekend was the freezing rain of course and then the rain itself…people traveling up here from out of state probably don’t want to make the trip in that kind of weather,” said Fred Seymour, Hidden Valley general manager. “I think we can weather through that as long we don’t get downpours, thunderstorms, that kind of thing. We’ll weather through this and be able to make more snow hopefully sometime in the next week and freshen things up.”

There was still a two to four-foot snow base, he said. There will be skiing this week starting Tuesday.

The resort will make fresh snow when overnight temperatures dip below 30 degrees.

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