For the second time in a month, thieves break into the Macy’s Galleria store

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RICHMOND HEIGHTS, MO (KTVI) – For the second time this month burglars broke into the Macy's at the Galleria.

According to police the thieves used the exact same door to get in and then tried their luck at West County Mall.

The glass doors at the south entrance to Macy's at the Galleria have been replaced for a second time.

Richmond Heights police said the break in happened the night of January 14th.

They said the thieves broke through the south entrance and stole $21,000 worth of Polo merchandise.

Des Peres police officers confirm that later that night thieves tried to break into The North Face store at West County Mall.

Officers said they broke through one set of glass doors but not the second.

A security guard saw three individuals run and jump into a dark maroon sedan.

Richmond Heights police officers said it's the same car believed to be involved in the Galleria smash and grabs.

Police believe these thieves are the same people responsible for breaking into the same Macy's earlier this month.

According to Richmond Heights police on January 6th a landscaping stone was thrown at the south entrance doors and that same stone was used to shatter three display cases containing watches.

Within minutes the thieves carried out thousands of dollars’ worth of watches.