Cullerton, Radogno promise budget-package vote Wednesday

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CHICAGO (AP) _ Illinois Senate leaders are sticking to their word that they plan to vote on a compromise budget deal next week.

Democratic Senate President John Cullerton of Chicago and Minority Leader Christine Radogno (ruh-DOHN’-yoh) of Lemont told the Chicago Tribune editorial board that they plan to put the proposal to a floor vote Wednesday. It would raise income taxes, borrow to pay off overdue bills, expand casino gambling, and freeze local property taxes.

Cullerton says the Senate must act quickly in part to fend off lobbyists lining up to kill parts of the plan.

Cullerton and Radogno say they’re trying to negotiate a break to a nearly two-year-old budget stalemate with Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner.

Even if the Senate prevails, there’s no guarantee the House will consider the package.