Teammates honor slain Northwest Academy of Law student

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) - The Northwest Academy of Law High School girls’ basketball team remembered their teammate, 15-year-old Toni Stevenson, before Friday night's game.

"Since she was a starter, we all only had four players come on the court and we let the ball go out on jump ball," said Janiya Wilson.

Stevenson was gunned down by two masked men Tuesday night as she sat in front of her north city home. She was a student and athlete at the Northwest Academy of Law. At Friday night's game, her teammates marked her spot on the team with flowers on her chair and her jersey draped over it.

"It means a lot, because she meant a lot to us" said Wilson. "She would have done the same to us if it was any one of us in that predicament.”

Police said Stevenson was a target but did not have any information about who the gunmen are. They're asking people to come forward with information. Meanwhile, two young teams and an entire community is left to wonder why.

"I was hurt, because it's Toni, she didn't do anything to nobody; I was shocked," said Shaniya Wilson.