SSM Health Medical Minute: Peripheral artery disease affects 20 million adults

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) - There is new hope for those with peripheral artery disease, a common circulatory condition that affects nearly 20 million adults in the US. It’s plaque build-up inside the arteries, obstructing blood flow to the lower limbs and feet.

Lumivascular is the newest technology that provides the ability to see inside the artery during treatment. It gives physicians a lot more knowledge of the clinical problem and the power to do something about it in real time. The small device has a camera built in to allow vascular surgeons to see the plaque as they remove it and patients can leave the hospital and get back on their feet quickly with this minimally invasive procedure.

Dr. Donald Jacobs, Chairman of Surgery for SLUCare and SSM Health SLU Hospital explains how Lumivascular is changing outcomes for his patients.