Aldermen fine-tune new soccer stadium funding plan; vote down Scottrade renovations

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - The Board of Aldermen is meeting Monday to decide bills for funding a new soccer stadium and a measure raising the sales tax for extending MetroLink and other projects.

Committee members voted down a measure that would have had the city pay $100 million over 27 years in bonds to help pay for major improvements to the Scottrade Center. The vote was four against, three for, and one present. It is possible that the bill could be brought back up at some point in the future, so it might not be dead just yet.

The Board of Aldermen is still fine-tuning two bills, one for the city's $60 million share of funding a new pro soccer stadium, the other for a half cent sales tax increase that is expected to raise 20 million dollars a year for extending MetroLink and other projects. The soccer stadium bill and MetroLink bill both passed out of the Ways and Means Committee last week. The soccer bill passed after it was initially voted down by committee members. Changes were then made to the bill that officials say will raise millions in revenue for the city over 30 years. That is when the bill was passed.

There should be a vote on the fine tuning of the soccer and MetroLink bills Monday. Then both bills could come up for a final vote this Friday. more debate on the financing package should come this Wednesday evening during another Ways and Means Committee meeting. If the bills are approved by the full board, they will likely go before the voters on April 4th.

A judge will need to give a special approval to get the issues on the ballot because a deadline has been missed.