Special prosecutor sought to handle illegal gun case

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WOODSTOCK, Ill. (AP) _ McHenry County prosecutors and a judge recused themselves from the case of a suburban Chicago lawyer charged with illegal firearms possession.

The case against 50-year-old Donald Franz of Crystal Lake grew out of him allegedly becoming combative after being found last week intoxicated in a car.

Later, a search of the 50-year-old Franz’s home uncovered 36 high-powered rifles, assault rifles and shotguns, and thousands of rounds of ammunition.

Judge Michael Feetterer said Thursday he would no longer handle the case because he’s known Franz for years. Assistant State’s Attorney John Gibbons also dropped out of case because of familiarity with Franz. Gibbons requested the appointment of a special prosecutor.

Franz’s attorney said his client did not appear at the hearing because he is getting treatment at a substance abuse center.